9000 Loader


The Durable and Dependable LEMCO Model 9000

Standard Equipment Specifications


Main Boom Lift Capacity
9,000 lbs. Lift Capacity
Back of Cab, Trailer Mount, Rear Mount 

Main Boom Lifting Capacity
Radius (ft.)   10    *Capacity (lbs.)  9,000
Radius (ft.)   15    *Capacity (lbs.)  5,600
Radius (ft.)   20    *Capacity (lbs.)  4,200
Radius (ft.)   25    *Capacity (lbs.)  3,200
*Deduct Weight of Grapple

 LEMCO designed cylinders built specifically for the job
 Maximum horizontal reach 22'6" - 28'
 Highest quality high tensile steel Stressproof steel pins with aluminized bronze bushings (except grapple)1-1/2" stressproof withsteel bushings.
 Maximum lifting height of 30' at 7' radius (may vary with type of carrier and optional boom length)

 "A frame" type for maximum stability

Open Center Hydraulic Spilt Valve System
 Manual fold down
 60 gallon pump

LEMCO-Built Cylinders
 Main boom cylinder - 5" bore 36" stroke 3" chrome steel rod
 Stick boom cylinder - 5" bore 36" stroke 3" chrome steel rod 
 Stabilizer cylinder 3" bore 43" stroke 2" chrome steel rod
 Grapple cylinder 3" bore 10" stroke 1-3/4" chrome steel rod 

Options:  Full continuous swing available with manifold

Standard Equipment
 Stainless Steel hydraulic pipes for booms 
 Full continous swing 
 Light package (1 platform, 2 booms)
 50 gal. reservoir with light gauge, screen, shut off, stailess steel coil for cold weather heating 
 Daul ladders (bolt on)
 Return line filter 
 Mounted weight (may vary with accessories and boom length)
 Spacious operators platform with full support seat

 Truck mount
 Trailer mount
 Live heel
 Extension boom

 Full continuous Grapples, several styles