XLT 280 Loader

The Durable and Dependable LEMCO Model XLT 280

Standard Equipment Specifications


Main Boom Lift Capacity

30,000 lbs. Lift Capacity
Truck Mount or Stationary

Main Boom Lifting Capacity
Radius (ft.)   10    *Capacity (lbs.)  30,000
*Deduct Weight of Grapple

Booms Built to Last
 Maximum horizontal reach 30'6"
 Over sized stress proof pins with aluminized bronze bushings
 Totally fabricated booms out of highest quality high tensile steel for maximum durability

LEMCO Smooth Swing System
 Continuous swing slewing ring powered by two hydraulic motors

Heavy-duty Subframe and Stabilizer
 Utilized subframe assembly Four fold stabilizers actuated by individual 14,000 lb. load lock on each cylinder

Powerful Flow on Demand Hydraulic System
 Variable and load sense, pressure compensated directional valve
 L90LS Load sense, pressure compensated directional valve 
 High pressure filters
 Return line filters

LEMCO-Built Cylinders
 Main boom cylinder - 7" bore 44" stroke 4" chrome steel rod
 Jib boom cylinder - 6" bore 17" stroke 3" chrome steel rod 
 Stabilizer cylinder - 6" bore 17" stroke 3" chrome steel rod
 Live heel cylinder - 3-1/2 bore 14" stroke 2" chrome steel rod

 1/2 Cord Bypass continuous rotation
 Grapple cylinder - 4" bore 14" stroke, 2-1/2" solid chrome steel rod
 Other attachments available

Spacious Operator Cab Built for Total Operator Control
 Insulated forward sloping operator's cab with full vision window, heat, dome light, opening side window (Hot Water Heat)
 Responsive hydraulic two joystick operating system
 Convenient full-reach control panel with easy-read instrumentation
 Radio remote control for lower hydraulic
 Lighting on platform
 Air conditioner
 AM/FM radio
 Hydraulic joystick seat
 1/2" Lexon window

 Slasher package
 Custom colors available