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About Us

LEMCO Hydraulics, Hill City, Minnesota. Established 1967. Over 45 years of customer service. We listen to loggers and have responded with thousands of hours of engineering.

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Founded in Hill City, MN, in 1967, the AMFA featured member this month has over 40 years of experience building rugged durable equipment used primarily by the logging industry.

Lemco Hydraulics is now a second generation manufacturer of standard and custom design boom loaders, slashers, shears, de-limbers and other large attachments used to maneuver logs.

The company was founded by Dean Christensen, a former salesman in the logging industry who saw a need for an equipment manufacturer willing to be more responsive to customer needs.  Son Bruce Christensen, now president, join the company in 1982 after his college years and a stint in the army.

Lemco products are known for their long wear life (decades, versus a five-year life for the competition), “on-demand” hydraulic options that function well in warm weather, lightweight option when needed, and range of standard and optional features.  Company literature promotes the tag line, “We listened to loggers and responded with thousands of hours of engineering.”

Lemco loaders can be truck or trailer mounted.  Some 25 attachments are included in the product line, with option to custom design something different if those don’t meet your needs.   Booms range in size from 18’ to 30’, with lifting capacity as high as 30,000lbs. - Written by Sandy Kashmark


“The high-pressure system powers it loader and saw functions more efficiently and smoothly than conventional hydraulic systems, according to Bruce Christensen, president of the industrial loader manufacturer.” – North American Edition, Diesel progress, March 1999, Mark McNeely.