8000 Loader

The Durable and Dependable LEMCO Model 8000 

Standard Equipment Specifications



Main Boom Lift Capacity
8,500 lbs. Lift Capacity
Back of Cab, Trailer Mount 

Main Boom Lifting Capacity
Radius (ft.)   10    *Capacity (lbs.)  8,500
Radius (ft.)   15    *Capacity (lbs.)  5,900
Radius (ft.)   20    *Capacity (lbs.)  4,000
*Deduct Weight of Grapple

 LEMCO designed cylinders built specifically for the job
 Maximum horizontal reach 20'6", 22'6", 24'6", 26'6"
 Highest quality high tensile steel
 Stressproof steel pins with aluminized bronze bushings
 Maximum lifting height of 32' at 7' radius (may vary with type of carrier and optional boom length)

Options: 4' squirt boom

 "A frame" type for maximum stability

Powerful Hydraulic System
 Dual Commercial 30 gallon pump
 40 gallon hydraulic reservoirs with site gauge, thermometer and in-tank screen filters
 Dual micron filters protect the hydraulic system 
 Stack valves of latest design
 Main relief, anti-cavitation and port relief are used for precise control and unit protection
 Long-lasting hoses - 4 braid on pressure lines, main lift, and jib cylinder

LEMCO-Built Cylinders
 Main boom cylinder - 6" bore 24" stroke 3" solid chrome steel rod
 Stick boom cylinder - 6" bore 24" stroke 3" solid chrome steel rod 
                 (6" bore stroke on 24' 6" and 26' 6" sizes)
 Stabilizer cylinder 3 1/2" bore 43" stroke 2" solid chrome steel rod

Options:  Full continuous swing available with manifold

 Heavy-Duty A-frame subframe design 
 Spacious operators platform with full support seat 
 Slewing ring with gear box and motor for 550 degree swing

Grapples - Your Choice, Same Price
 1/3 cord, bypass or butt type
 1/4 cord, bypass or butt type
 40" brush or trash grapple, opens to standard 62" (Other optional or openings on request) 

 Continuous rotation grapple
 Heavy-duty grapple
 Material handling forks 
 Sheet rock handling forks

Spacious Operator Platform Built for Total Operator Control
 Full support seat positioned for maximum visibility 
 Two joystick operating system
 Convenient full-reach control panel 
 Valve with handles
 Remote control ground controls 
 Dual Ladders
 Lighting on platform
 Lighting package
 Walk around platform
 Joystick handwarmers

 Custom colors available
 Comfort cab platform
 Air Conditioner
 Windshield washer and wiper
 AM-FM radio