6000H Slasher

The Durable and Dependable LEMCO Model 6000H

Standard Equipment Specifications


60" Kodiak Carbide Tip Cut-Off Saw
 LEMCO has trial tested a wide variety of saw blades, and has found the 60"   Kodiak Carbide Tip to be the longest lasting and toughest saw blade for the job.

The Heaviest Main Frame
 Strong 1/2"x6"x4" rectangle tubing frame reinforced at ALL stress points handles the wear and tear of heavy logs.

Efficient Open Deck Design
 Save time with this open deck design that stores more wood and allows debris to fall through.

Durable Components At Pivot Points
 Heavy-duty easy-grease 1-1/2" pins positioned for easy maintenance, leading to long life. Harden steel bushings at every pivot point.

Heavy-Duty Cylinder
 Heavy-duty 3-1/2" cylinder is specially developed to perform on demand and handle the loads on the landing.

Powerful Saw Motor
 The Volvo F11-150 saw motor--proven on LEMCO slashers for over a generation.

Folding Saw Guard
 Save dollars on saw teeth. Specially designed saw guard folds down flat against the upright.

Solid One-Piece Arm
 The LEMCO solid one-piece arm is toughest on the market.

High Pressure Components That Hold Up under The Toughest Jobs
 The high pressure filter and 4-wire high pressure hydraulic hoses are selected to keep the slasher at maximum performance.

Folding Hose Guard
 Protection where you need it. Allows access to hose ends, while providing protection from stumps, deadheads, rocks and other equipment.

LEMCO Will Custom-Manufacture Your Slasher For Your Needs!

4-Cylinder Turbo-powered John Deere Saw Motor

Self Contained Hydraulic System
 Hydraulic Oil Tank
 Hydraulic 75-Gallon cooler
 Filtering System
 Electrical Activated Values
 49-Gallon Hydraulic Pump

Electronically Powered Hydraulic System
 The dependable LEMCO slasher can be self-powered with a John Deere 4045T power plant. Have power when you need it.

Heavy-Duty Hitch
 LEMCO Dual Hitch was developed so the slasher works from a cold deck or a hot deck.